Company philosophy

As a small consultancy, my team and I are able to address your needs with personalized service. I have no interest in the standard model, which consists of referring candidates who are not personally known to me simply to reach a certain volume. That model usually does not achieve the desired results. I provide expert consultation personally and professionally to attain the best possible outcome of the highest quality for you.

Our standards
  • Uncompromising discretion with respect to clients and candidates alike
  • We accept exclusive commissions only
  • Agreement in advance on fees and costs as well as a realistic estimation of the time frame
  • Candidates are introduced only after a personal interview and in conjunction with an individual report; documents are only forwarded with candidate consent
  • We take on the obligation of performing our service until the position is filled, irrespective of the level of difficulty or complexity in filling the position
  • We continue to provide service even after the hire has been made
  • Client protection for two years after the contract is awarded
  • Stringent selection criteria for our own team as regards education, experience, and personal maturity
  • Receptiveness to criticism and suggestions
  • Ongoing assessment of and improvement in the quality of our work
Commission and objective

Each commission we receive will be carried out to advance the success of your company. We focus on maintaining and advancing your competitive advantage by filling leadership positions and management teams with high-quality hires. We provide support in evaluating, hiring, and developing highly qualified staff at and for the management level.

Guiding principles for successful hiring
  • Trust, discretion, integrity, and commitment
  • Embodying a culture of service
  • Efficient processing
  • Unbureaucratic execution
  • Honest and direct communication
  • Personal engagement

Our goal is long-term collaboration to achieve the best for your company.