Values: Trust, discretion, integrity, and commitment

My team and I are conscious of the great responsibility and trust you are placing in us. We are appreciative of this gesture of confidence. In particular for “covert searches”, which are often requested, discretion, integrity, and commitment are the top priorities in our work, such that we earn your trust.


What we stand for:

  • High-quality results as swiftly as possible
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and conduct
  • Experience both as an HR client and as an HR consultant
  • Access to a global network through international collaboration with consultancies
  • Commitment until the position has been filled and beyond
  • Guarantee to refill the position, free of charge, and maintain client protection
  • Trust, discretion, confidentiality, honesty, and professionalism
  • Maintaining the objective of creating the foundation for long-term collaboration


One face to the customer: I am your exclusive contact partner, the team works in the background. My service provides the initial “business card” for your company.