Carrying out the executive search

The successful search for executive staff in middle and upper management tiers calls for an in-depth analysis and understanding of the specific requirements of the company and the individual expectations of candidates.


The markets, scope of tasks and corporate structures involved are highly complex, and it is therefore necessary to employ tailored search strategies and assessment methods. This approach ensures risks are eliminated and opportunities are fully exploited – for clients and candidates.

Each recruitment is a highly customized process. My team and I strive for, and demand of one another, excellence in executing this process. That means:

  • an in-depth analysis and understanding of the specific requirements of your company, its organisational structure and the characteristics of the market, as well as of the objectives and tasks involved;
  • empathy for the candidates, their individual situation and how they present themselves;
  • definition and use of tailored search strategies and assessment methods;
  • ensuring the right fit between companies and candidates (professional background and experience, social skills and personality).

A successful working relationship and mutual development can only be attained if there is sufficient overlap between a candidate’s individual performance, values and personality and the client’s corporate culture and management practices. I take these aspects into account for all clients and candidates – with the result that all opportunities are fully utilised and the risk of appointing the wrong person is minimised.